hey guys want to to know who i am add me on facebook 
my facebook is : https://www.facebook.com/jonathanvazquez0 
INBOXED ME the hacks that you want me to release INBOXED PLEASES 

I am back


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hey guys if my page get 200-300 like i will releas a lot of hacks DON'T COMMENT ON MY PAGE FOR THE HACK




hey guy can you please go like my page this page is where i edit picture
hey guy 2 new hack are coming and they are hill climb racing and pou

The Hack



so hey guys i finish the hacks so the hack are Angry bird star war free shopping, Anger of stick 2, istunt2, zenonia 5 

The instructions Are

Install the Modded APK. DO NOT RUN! I repeat DO NOT RUN THE GAME YET.

This is the important part. Follow exactly or you may end up banned.
1. It doesn't matter weather you downloaded this on your PC or Device.
You will need to unzip the package and open "BHGPlus.config" with notepad
on your PC or with 920 Text Editor on your device.

2. Once opened Change the 16 digit Android ID number inside. 
This ID is banned and will get you banned. Create a random 16 digit alpha-numeric line.
If your unsure how to do this Download Device ID Through Google Play. It will give
you your Android ID and you can use that.

3. Save the new file and place it in the root of your SDcard. 
{No you don't need root access for this.}
The root of your SDcard is simply just "Sdcard" Open your File Explorer 
and you usually have two options "SDcard" & "Internal Storage" 
Click "SDcard" & copy it there.

4. Now once you have verified all this. The APK is installed and has no been ran yet.
The BHGPlus.config file has been changed and is placed in the proper area.
You can now run the game and according to the maker of this hack, you will not be banned
for using this mod or this version of a purchase hack.

Enjoy guys. =^_^=

so hey guy i got zenonia 5 hack to work but my camera is not working so i dont know how i am going to record the video
hey guys is being a long time since i have done a hack so here it si i am going to  release like 4-6 hacks in year eve and subscribe to my youtube account and if i get 100 subscribe i will do a giveaway
Zenonia 5 hack is coming along with drag racing guy if my smurf village hack get 200 downloads and 400 views
hey guy i seen that my surf village video is not getting that much views so i am getting a hack game done tell me which game will you like GLOBAL OUTBREAK, SKI SAFARI, OR DRAG RACING

android hack game android savegame files